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Where are you located?

Castaic, California (Cambridge Ave).

When should I book my newborn session?

The best time to book your session is when you’re pregnant. This insures the photographer has availability and can plan around your due date. However if you have already given birth and decided you want to have newborn photos, book as soon as possible!

When is the best time to photograph a newborn?

Within the first 5-14 days. To insure the sleepiest and squishiest photos these first few days of life are the ideal time to have photos taken. After 2 or so weeks baby becomes more alert, infant acne can set in as well as colic. Their little tummies become harder and thus makes it harder to pose them.

That being said, there are exceptions to the rule. Premies can be photographed later on if they have been in the NICU after birth.

Do you do home sessions?

For newborn session, I currently do not offer at-home location shoot at this time. To achieve the style and quality of newborn images you see on my website, the session will take place at my  home studio which is set up specifically for newborn photography environment (e.g. room temperature, noise, equipment and lighting).
What is included in the fee?

Please see my Investment page for details about what’s included.

How do we schedule a date for a newborn if we don’t know when the baby is born?

Because babies rarely arrive on their due dates, it is best to book as far in advance so I can add your estimated due date to my calendar and secure availability. Pre-booking also allows you to prepare for the session ahead of time, such as planning your wardrobe, indicating which poses you would like me to include and communicating your overall vision for your session BEFORE your new bundle of joy arrives.

When your baby arrives, please contact me as soon as possible so we can secure a date within two weeks of your baby’s birth. The exception, if you know your c-section or induction date, the session date can be booked in advance.

Why does newborn photos have to be taken in these first two weeks?

Newborns change dramatically in the first weeks of life. When they are first born, they are able to bend and curl up into these sweet little poses, mimicking how they lived inside the womb. All these amazing characteristics will begin to disappear after a few short weeks.

What if my newborn is older than two weeks? 

It’s not too late to get newborn photos!—I shoot newborns up to three months old. However, know that the older the baby is, the less likely she will look or pose like a newborn but I will still get nice images from the photo session.  And that’s what is important!

A baby older than two weeks has developed further along so their ligaments have strengthened. Because of this, they may not be able to tolerate most of the “curled up” newborn poses. They are more alert and less likely to sleep through pose changes so the session will have less variety of poses. Your newborn will usually need to be swaddled for much of the session to keep their arms from flailing. For newborns older than two weeks, we will focus on wrapped baby, open-eyes and parent/sibling shots. For this age I offer a mini-session package of 10 pictures. More information in my Investment page.

If you decide against newborn portraits, the next “prime time” for a photo session is 5 – 8 months when your baby is able to support their head while on their tummy and/or sit up confidently. We can capture a lot more variety of poses and cute baby expressions at this stage.

How long are sessions?

It depends. A session could be wrapped up within an hour and a half or stretch to four hours. This all depends on the little one. We will break for feeding to ensure they are the most content and sleepy. Soothing into position and prop changes also take time. I will never rush a session and like to keep things nice and laid back for everyone involved. Typically I like to shoot in the morning, 10am to 12pm is the best time for a session. This gives you the rest of the afternoon to do other things.

Do I need to provide props?

Not at all! Unless there is a special hat or blanket you would like to have incorporated to the photos.

I have older children who I would like photographed with my newborn. Can you accommodate this? 

Yes! I ask that if you wish to have siblings photographed with your newborn, that you let me know prior to the session. These photos are done at the beginning of the session, and someone must be available to take your child/children home following these photos. Children do not tolerate the heat and length of a newborn session, and often become a distraction in the studio. Please do not set expectations high for young children, as they often have difficulty following direction and are uncomfortable holding their new sibling.

When and how will I get my photos?

Shortly after your session, I will post a preview of your session to my Facebook page. Your gallery will be finished for you in 2 weeks from your session. Here you will be able to view all of your  images that will soon be yours. Shortly a link will be sent so you can instantly download all of the high resolution images as well as web sized images for ease of sharing through social media and email.

Can I have the unedited versions of the photographs from my session?

I take many photographs during a single session.  Not every one of them is usable for a number of reasons.  Most often I take multiple shots of one pose to ensure that I get a good, clean image.  This creates a lot of duplicates and/or very similar images.  Other times angles do not work as planned or the image is a test fire before I take the “real” photograph.  I sort through the images and select the best ones that will become the final images you will receive with your package.  Due to these reasons, I do not release the RAW/original/unedited images.  As your photographer, I take great pride in presenting you with only my best work.

*I highly recommend ordering your prints through me, or using a professional printing lab to print your photos as I cannot guarantee the quality of your photos if printed elsewhere.

*As much as I want every client to have exactly what they want from each photo session I do reserve the right to not shoot in a certain pose if I feel it is unsafe. I will attempt certain poses if I think the baby is sleepy enough.

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